Building effective shopper strategies (from target audience through to media choices), feeding in 1000s of previous campaign results.


The benefits

Secure a connected shopper campaign plan from start to finish
Access powerful data to make more informed and more effective choices.
Focus on creating effective strategies that are realistic to implement and lead to strong results.
The ‘Who’

All our shopper campaigns are driven by data. We start by understanding our ‘who’ – the target audience – and exactly how they shop this brand. Using multiple data sources, including YouGov, we ensure that we truly understand their motivations – which then informs how we can influence them.

The ‘What’

We’re then ready to develop the ‘what’ – our communication strategy. This defines what it is we need to say to our target audience that will drive them to purchase. In shopper media this is critical – as we have less than seven seconds to engage and nudge them to buy.

The ‘How’

Finally, we create our ‘how’ – a media plan that ensures we deliver optimum results.  This includes everything from our shopper media strategy, to channel selection, to store targeting and finally, how we schedule our media for the most effective execution – and ultimately, the best performance.

Our experience as a shopper media agency means we’re well-versed in what makes a great campaign. To help our clients, we share detailed guidance on how to execute each touchpoint – fuelled by data from our very own software platform, Plan-Apps.