Have a proper brew

The black tea category had been in decline for some time as new and exciting herbal variants took centre stage. Fewer people were buying into black tea and those that still were, wanted to pay less and buy less often. We needed to help Taylors of Harrogate give shoppers a reason to choose Yorkshire Tea over other competitors.

The challenge

The main barriers to purchase for black tea was value and brand equity, so it was crucial that we communicated the following message in-store: ‘A proper brew is worth paying more for’. We needed to talk the key benefits of the product to convince shoppers to pay more for it.

We identified two core shopper groups: 

  • shoppers new to the tea category (people with the same values as Yorkshire Tea, who don’t buy into black tea) 

  • and shoppers who bought into competitor black tea’s. 

We wanted to reach competitor shoppers as a priority, as these shoppers had a lower barrier to entry, so we weighted 80% of media spend towards this group.

Creative and media strategy

We established the following media criteria:

  1. Re-enforced ATL messaging with brandable channels

  2. Drive shopper awareness effectively with high reach channels

  3. Disrupt shoppers in auto-pilot with high impact media

  4. Cut through at shelf to switch shoppers at the point of purchase

  5. Use retailer loyalty data to target competitor shoppers

The results


Sales uplift


ROI brand level


Total campaign CPM

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