Targeting fitness focused shoppers

Wow Hydrate is an innovative brand within the fitness and drinks category, offering a new angle for protein drinks. Capture was briefed to support the launch of Wow Hydrate’s protein water in Tesco by driving awareness and educating shoppers on key benefits such as the use of collagen protein and the push-cap technology. 

The challenge

As a category, protein water is still fairly new to market and thus it was important to drive high levels of awareness among shoppers to help Wow Hydrate enter their consideration set. Activating in January enabled the brand to tap into the more ‘health-conscious’ consumer mindset, with many Brits focusing on fitness and health. We focused on which channels would allow us to find the right balance and land the key benefits of the product, to help Wow Hydrate drive sales in Tesco specifically. 

Creative and media strategy

We opted for branded media channels to allow Wow Hydrate to land with a bang and with its true identity among Tesco shoppers, as well as educate on what the core product’s USPs were and where to find it. Given the brand is innovative itself and in an already innovative category, we knew we needed to speak and guide shoppers along the path to purchase, including reaching them prior to their shop through high-reach channels.  As awareness of a new product is vital, we also employed the use of geo-targeted ads on social media, allowing Wow Hydrate to reach and speak to a more fitness-focused shopper when in proximity to Tesco, ensuring we were driving footfall in-store.

The results



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