Volvic Infusions tea was launched in August 2018 to compete with rival drinks, appealing to shoppers looking for healthier and more natural soft drinks. The aim for the launch was to improve brand perceptions of Volvic and help drive growth through a premium range.

The challenge

The product launch was supported with limited ATL, increasing the need to maximise visibility and drive rate of sale through shopper activity. Tesco Express had strong listings of Infusions at launch; the plan centred around this retailer, capitalising on the impulse driven nature of the category.

Creative and media strategy

The prime prospect for Infusions is 25-45 year old, ABC1 females who are actively health-conscious and value trying new products. We identified the strategy to reach this audience as:

  1. Drive awareness of the NPD with high reach media

  2. Use branded media to help communicate all of the health benefits and key product claims

  3. Target where possible to ensure we were reaching the right shoppers at the right time

  4. Raise the profile of Infusions by activating a couponing campaign in the build up to National Tea Day – highlighting their partnership with Volvic.

We created a bespoke, multi touchpoint campaign, centred around Tesco Express, that used a range of high impact formats to drive awareness, as well as targeted elements to reach our shopper. Our data showed that sales uplift increased for NPDs when activating multiple touchpoints in the same store; as a result, we planned both InLink screens and Blis programmatic display banners, targeted in proximity to top selling stores.

In order to drive trial, shoppers were offered a discount via Shopmium, an app-based couponing platform, which has an affinity with our audience.

The results


Uplift across digital channels


ROI across digital channels



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