Reaching those coffee lovers

Playing in such as niche market where Taylor of Harrogates' range of coffee capsules could only be used by shoppers who had Nespresso machines, we were challenged to drive brand recognition amongst a target audience in a highly competitive industry, whilst being mindful that the capsules had limited distribution.

The challenge

With the coffee capsule target audience being primarily motivated by taste and convenience, driving product trial was crucial in persuading them to switch. We therefore selected a two-phased media approach: firstly, to drive awareness that Taylors had a Nespresso compatible offering in a new and improved format. This encouraged trail by highlighting Taylors’ flavour cues.

The campaign was then followed up with a second burst of activity to prompt re-purchase and ensure shoppers were buying into Taylors’ Capsules more often. This activity aimed to overcome shoppers from switching to competitive brands and being influenced by promotions.

Creative and media strategy

With an aim to be as targeted as possible with our audience, we prioritised online media channels to drive awareness and sales of coffee capsules cross-retail, online and in-store. We chose Amazon as our main media platform, and by tapping into Amazon’s rich data source, we were able to deliver banners both on and off-site to target shoppers browsing Nespresso machines, capsules and other compatible offerings. Sales were therefore driven on Amazon as well as in-store at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco and Waitrose.

The results




Sales uplift


ROI at brand level

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