Taste travels

Taste is a wonderful thing. It can take us to far away exotic places. With Sharwood’s cooking sauces, taste travels even further than our imagination. Every flavour is another vibrant destination along the journey of discovering authentic Asia. All we need is to choose where we want to begin and let the adventure unfold.

The challenge

Taste the world – begin your adventure.

To position Sharwood’s NPD as an exciting and relevant cooking sauce range that is worth paying more for, by communicating its unique flavours and indirectly showcasing how easy it is to reproduce at home.

Creative and media strategy

3 routes were created, the final one was chosen by the client as it cleverly adapted the layered illustration on the packaging, had the ability to accommodate more information within copy, and was easily adaptable to multiple media touch points. It was brought to life across the path to purchase in several different retailers, including magazines, digital six sheets, trolley posters, and barkers.

The results




CPM for total compaign


Sales uplift (SKU)

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