Targeting parents in the Summer holidays

Following on from a January 'Play Free' campaign, which encouraged and enabled kids to play for free, Petits Filous wanted to keep up momentum during the summer months when kids were most at play due to the holidays. Given the prime time for the campaign idea we were challenged to create a bigger shopper activation that amplified their message to increase penetration and trip volume.

The challenge

During the summer months, parents are often looking for budget-friendly ways to entertain the kids for the long summer holidays, but need some inspiration and ideas on which brands can help enable this. Our strategy was to target:

  1. Existing customers to encourage them to keep buying Petits Filous: Leveraging learnings from the January activity and reminding shoppers about the role the brand plays within their lives.

  2. Attract new shoppers who hadn’t yet engaged with the campaign: We aimed to reach shoppers purchasing competitor brands and categories. We needed to resonate with these new shoppers by bringing to life the idea of ‘play free’ to resonate with the parent audience.

Creative and media strategy

We activated bespoke shopper campaigns in two key retailers, tapping into specific insights about the retailers’ shoppers.

In Tesco, we aimed to show shoppers fun ways of re-using the yogurt posts to inspire creative play and to align the key message ‘Play-Free ideas under every lid’. As well fixture media, we also activated in the kids arts and crafts area of the store, to attract new shoppers.

In Asda we inscentivised purchase through a competition that gave parents the chance to win Asda vouchers, to spend on a new wardrobe for the kids, if they supported the campaign.

The results




Sales uplift Tesco ft SKU

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