Find your flow

Lucozade wanted to go above the line with a large-scale campaign that heroed the ‘find your flow’ message and a brand new TV advert. The bank holiday was an important date for the campaign, as it is a time when shoppers were more inclined to seek that extra boost to make the most of the occasion.

The challenge

The lead up to the May bank holiday is traditionally a time when the weather improves, and families are starting to think about how to spend their 3 day weekend. Millions of shoppers were preparing to depart on road trips to bank holiday destinations, meaning it was the perfect time to talk to shoppers about how Lucozade Energy can help them ‘find their flow’ and make the most of their travels. We had a clear idea how to do that:

GET Asda mums

TO Get in the habit of buying Lucozade as part of their shop

BY Leveraging an occasion where the product has relevance to get them to buy into the brand

Creative and media strategy

We utilised media channels that were high reach, brandable, disruptive and drove footfall to the ambient soft drink aisle. Multiple media channels were utilised across the path to purchase to achieve this, including weve, experiential, 6 sheets, trolley bay posters, Asda FM, WMX banners online and supported with a fully branded gondola end.

The results






Sales uplift

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