Nutty, chewy and juicy

The challenge

Kellogg’s were bringing out a range of fruit and granola snack bars and wanted an effective launch campaign. In a competitive category, they needed to be visually disruptive while educating shoppers on the product.

Initial concepts played on the quality ingredients and textures of the bars.  Our creative team explored them bursting from the product as well as using different textures in the wording.

We played with key sensations of the products, bringing them to life as personas that allowed us to communicate the total range in a consistent way.  All concepts led with ‘new’ and ‘Kellogg’s’ as key elements with ‘stopping power’.

Creative and media strategy

Using core ingredients that were synonymous with those sensations, we created a key visual that demonstrated ‘natural ingredients’ and drove association with the Kellogg’s brand while disrupting shoppers with the new message.

We animated the creative in order for it to be effective on digital touchpoints and delivered the core messages of newness, ingredients, textures and the brand. This worked to educate shoppers while helping to signpost the product in store.

The results

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