Targeting both mums and gamers

Mattessons' Fridge Raiders had licencing rights to the recently-launched and highly popular Call of Duty game. The brand wanted to leverage this association with the game to drive demand of the Mattessons meat-snacking range, and to make snacking synonymous with gaming.

The challenge

We identified two groups who would purchase the Mattessons, Fridge Raiders product: Young gamers aged 18-24, and mums of young gamers.

Each target audience were drawn to the product for two very different reasons, and they had very different shopper habits. Gamers’ motivation to buy the snack was driven by unique game prizes/offerings and were more likely to shop in convenience stores, whilst mums bought into added value and for the healthier snacking claims i.e. high in protein and did their family shops in larger retail stores.

Creative and media strategy

We used 2 different creatives to appeal to the two audiences in convenience vs. main estate.

We used two different creatives to appeal to each audience and their retailer differences i.e convenience vs large stores. For convenience we led with an on-pack promotion game-code across the Fridge Raiders range, to help the shoppers in the game. For mums, we focussed on the real chicken-breast to emphasise the healthy-benefits of the snack.

Media touch-points were mapped out across the shopper journey for young gamers including awareness and impulse purchase (digital 6 sheets and mobile messaging), through to conversion at shelf-takers in the meal-deal section. For mums, we drove awareness at the front of the store and then again at fixture to encourage purchase.

The results


Uplift driven by 6 sheets


Sustained sales uplift


Total CPM

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