Targeting health conscious shoppers

As the category leader in plant-based, Alpro wanted to speak to shoppers looking to have a healthier lifestyle by focusing on its core Unsweetened range. With an aim to bring new shoppers into the brand and category at the start of a new year, we addressed the no.1 health concern in the UK and Alpro's key message of no sugars or sweeteners – at all.

The challenge

When it came to New Years resolutions we knew that the desire to be healthy came on top. We were however mindful that ‘healthier’ food and drink can at times be perceived as more expensive or time-consuming. We were therefore challenged to get shoppers to see Alpro Unsweetened as an ‘easy’ switch.

There were two groups of shoppers we needed to speak to:

Out of category: those not aware of/considering the plant-based category but wishing to make healthy improvements to their diet. These shoppers needed convincing because 1) they thought the category wasn’t relevant to them, 2) they weren’t confident to trial due to taste perceptions and 3) they hadn’t even considered the category before.

In category: Shopping plant-based, but not considering Alpro. Despite being the category leader, plan-based is an increasingly competitive category and shoppers might not have been aware of the no-sugar benefits of Alpro’s Unsweetened range.

Creative and media strategy

We needed to drive awareness of the range and educate shoppers on the health benefits. Our strategy aimed to achieve the following:

  • Up-weight activity to January, when shoppers are in a healthy mindset and open to swaps

  • Inspire shoppers from pre-shop to front of store, to encourage driving them to aisle

  • Align activity to promotions to inscentivise trial

  • Show multiple creatives to tair guidance and show versatility of use, leveraging the Change 4 Life logo endorsement where possible

The results


Touchpoints activated


Sales uplift



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