Shopper media should be the most powerful marketing tool available for FMCGs


Capture has felt like an extension of the Alpro Shopper Team, helping to ensure extensive activity across all the major mults in alignment with our ATL campaign.


The team were efficient in activating a lot of media consistently, whilst also tailoring for specific retailer needs. The planning showed a lot of thought and rigour, and Capture provided some useful challenges to the team based on their wider FMCG experience.

Scott King, Shopper Marketing Manager, Alpro


How we do it.

Our process.


Building effective shopper strategies (from target audience through to media choices), feeding in 1000s of previous campaign results.

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Elevating the shopper space by turning media challenges into surprising and exciting creative solutions and shopper experiences.

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Media buying

Buying with scale to drive efficiencies in your shopper spend and making the process simple.

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Managing shopper media campaigns from start to finish, ensuring that everything is delivered on time and to budget.

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Measuring campaign performance by turning data into useful insights to help you boost future performance.

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Our services

We provide a one-stop agency solution removing the barriers to great shopper campaigns.


We work across all touchpoints that can influence a shopper to buy (from POS to programmatic), which in today’s marketing landscape goes far beyond just ‘cardboard in-store’.

Every choice we make as shopper marketers determines the effectiveness of the campaign. It’s an increasingly complex puzzle to get right, but we put time, attention and insight into making sure we reach the right shoppers, in the right stores, with the right message, on the right media.


Whilst above-the-line and below-the-line agencies make it their business to get shoppers towards the point of purchase, at Capture we make it our mission to get shoppers across the line.

Why shopper?

We work hand in hand with you

Working closely with retailers and their media centres, we manage campaigns, optimise process, compliance and much more.

Genuine mass reach

We work with the few remaining channels that offer consistent mass reach that is near to the only point of consideration for a brand (‘All FMCG is impulse’).

Cross retail planning

All retailers, united into a single toolkit and planning currency, powered by our web platform, PlanApps.

Highly measurable

We measure campaigns using control vs exposed evaluation studies in a single cross-retail format.

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Our work.


Here’s a peek at how shopper media can deliver effective campaigns for brands. We’re proud to showcase some of our latest and award-winning work.