Georgina May

Client Manager

I work in the client team at Capture and own relationships with an exciting array of FMCG brands, both big and small! I love the variety of work at Capture - I can be doing a lot of campaign planning one day, working through creative concepts another and reading and presenting data to understand the uplift and ROI our shopper campaigns have provided the next. I'm passionate about giving our clients the best possible service whilst ensuring we remain profitable as a business.


A quick Q&A with Georgie

Favourite Capture campaign and why?

I will never forget working on the Oykos Island campaign for Danone Dairies.

They ran a huge ATL activation featuring none other than national treasure Peter Andre as a brand ambassador. I really enjoyed helping translate this eye catching, tongue-in-cheek brand message through the line into store, where we not only highlighted the “Win a trip to Oykos Island” competition but also drew shoppers’ attention to exciting new flavours of the Oykos yogurts. We even got Peter himself to record the radio ad which then played in ASDA stores up and down the country!

How do you best demonstrate one of the Capture values?

Stay Honest – over my time at Capture I have learnt that this is a key aspect of relationship building. When a client trusts and respects you, everything becomes easier and it makes working with them more of a joy! At the end of the day, I want the best for my clients, but if this hasn’t happened for whatever reason, it’s crucial to have an open, honest discussion about what went wrong and how we work to reach a solution.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt about shopper?

That it is SOOOO much more than “just cardboard in store”. It’s a cliche but I love to show our clients the scope of what we can do rather than restricting ourselves to more traditional shopper channels.

What are you known for around the office?

Always being cold….or being overly jumpy – what can I say? There is an outrageous array of sneezes at SMG!

What piece of shopper media would you be and why?

This is going to sound very up myself but people always complain how “booked up” my calendar gets. So in light of that, I’ll be an ASDA security gate cover. Got to book me in advance if you want me lol!




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