Our 2019 Christmas Ad wrap

There’s no denying that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. With nostalgic movies, bright lights, and a chocolate overload (and it being perfectly acceptable to eat as much as you like), here at Capture it’s the Christmas ad season that we love most! Not only is it an opportunity to witness some of the biggest budget campaigns from all the supermarkets in one hit, it’s a clear playing field to be as judgemental as you like. 

So take a look at our supermarket Christmas ad wrap 2019…

Asda: Let’s Make Christmas Special

Emotional storytelling is always nice. The U.K. likes watching nice things (Peaky Blinders aside). And Asda’s Christmas ad this year is exactly that… Really, really, nice. The storytelling is a thing of beauty and the advert itself is beautifully executed.

But what Asda have missed, is a distinct lack of brand equity and Asda brand codes. In other words, most people may not associate the advert with Asda quickly which will impact brand recall. When reviewing how their Christmas campaign was reflected online, there are a few sparkling elements on their food products but that’s about it…

Capture Rating: 6/10

Tesco’s: #DeliveringChristmas