Turning campaign data into actionable insight to inspire future success.

Analysing the results


Post-campaign, our evaluation team measure  campaign performance based on objectives set during the planning stage. This may include using brand measures, such as increased awareness, or retailer measures, including gaining listings, distribution and additional placements in store. Ultimately a core objective we seek to understand is whether the campaign generated an uplift in sales.


How we do this


We use a test versus control methodology that isolates the impact of the media – by controlling for all other activity taking place in the store at the same time, such as promotions and secondary space. We use this methodology to understand how media channels perform on their own, but also in combination along the shopper journey.

Using the same methodology across all in-store media (or geo-targeted media in proximity to a store) enables us to make robust comparisons across many media channels, as well as different retailers. It also steers us in building strong recommendations for future campaigns.

The benefits

Singular view


Our methodology provides a unified view across all retailers, using the same methods plus a standardised output

Timely response


Findings are delivered back 6 weeks post-media-live date to ensure we learn and optimise fast.

Actionable insight


Clear comparisons and recommendations on how to invest future shopper media budget.