Connect-R by Capture

Creating integrated physical and digital campaigns from the ‘store’ back that reach consumers at the point of consideration and conversion.

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Introducing Connect-R

Why do we do it?

The way we buy is changing rapidly, with shoppers switching channels almost instantly and buying when they weren’t intending to do so. For FMCG brands this challenge is even more pronounced, as by its nature, is an impulsive category.

Shoppers only store limited information about FMCG brands as purchases are less complex and involved. To win share of preference, brands have to be present when consumers are deliberating and when they make a decision to buy. But the disconnect between brand and shopper marketing is creating a gap into which all sorts of valuable consumer behaviour goes unrecognised and underserved, making it even harder for brands to adapt to this change.

This is where Connect-R comes in.

How do we do it?

We use a combination of audience + location + performance data to better link brand and shopper advertising. We do this across a range of channels:


Display, social, search, VOD and audio


Out-of-home and ATMs



E-commerce, retail media and stores

How do we measure it?

At the end of every campaign, we utilise our unique AB test methodology and EPOS data to measure the sales uplift and return on investment. Using non-media stores as controls, we can report back on the impact of activity on sales uplift, rate of sale and ROI.

This means there’s real clarity on the performance of marketing budgets and real accountability for the results.