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There are too many missed


Brands are seeking to find smarter ways to reach target audiences, building brand equity & creating desire. But in reality, we often see multiple chances missed to reach & convert shoppers. Why?

All too often, the marketing planning process is disjointed. Many media agencies miss a critical piece of the puzzle – connecting the campaign to the opportunity to buy. 

We use a combination of audience + location + performance data to plan more efficient campaigns



Create target audience profiles based on demographic (ACORN) and lifestyle (OCEAN) data.



Overlay shopping behaviour and media consumption data (GWI) to optimise audience selections.



Build the optimum media mix using historical performance data



Create a final catchment model (based on radii or drive times) which determines the optimum location selection.



Buy and implement media at the most efficient rates, leveraging SMG’s buying scale.

Across 'proximity' channels


Audience, location, creative and purchase


Audience, location and creative

Proximity OOH

Roadside, premium digital, transport and shopping centres

And measuring the sales impact of every campaign

We are able to AB test every Amplifier™ campaign using EPOS data to measure the sales uplift and return on investment. We apply a consistent methodology to every PCA to allow comparisons across channels, activities and media owners.

Findings are delivered back quickly to ensure fast learning.

Why Amplifier?

The media landscape has fragmented, causing a huge profileration in the number of media channels available.

There is a disconnect in the marketing planning process. often due to the structures inside most FMCGs.

Media agencies miss a critical piece of the puzzle, connecting brand advertising to the point of purchase.

The ability to robustly measure performance consistently across all channels through our test vs control methodology.


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