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we make shopper budgets the best marketing £ you can spend

There is one undeniable reality in marketing – if someone is going to purchase a product, they will have to go through a store (online or in person) in order to get it in their basket.

But it’s not easy to get right. There are hundreds of opportunities to choose from in & it’s important to invest wisely.

Capture are the experts in planning, buying, implementing and evaluating great shopper media campaigns for brands.


we offer the following services for brands.

Strategy and Media Planning

Capture are specialists in planning shopper media campaigns for brands.

How does it work?

We build a campaign plan and media strategy that meets the objectives of the brief and engages shoppers. We ensure we have the right communications plan, with the right message on the right media touchpoint. This work is supported by our proprietary cross-retail media planning tool, PlanFlex™, which enables us to forecast campaign reach and anticipated uplift.

the benefits

budget allocation;

Impartial recommendations on how you should split your budget to meet your KPIs.

shopper understanding;

Using store audit findings to understand the retail environment and barriers to purchase.

tailored communication plan;

A clear messaging strategy which meets your brief and evolves across the path to purchase.

cross retailer insight;

Media performance analysis, benchmarking against market ROI, CPM and sales uplift.

Shopper Creative

Capture are passionate about designing creative campaigns that engage shoppers in-store and online.

How does it work?

Whether it’s building shopper toolkits, designing POS materials, adapting ATL creative or building bespoke shopper campaigns, we’re well-versed in designing creative that performs. We’ve dedicated time to understanding what works well in a shopping environment, making sure that there’s a seamless link between creative and media.

the benefits

ad engagement;

Creative designed to make shoppers look twice, building brand memorability.

single point of difference;

Being clear on the benefit and making it relevant to the shopper.

clear communication;

Bringing the key campaign message to life in a way that works for the specific media.

link to purchase;

Guiding shoppers to the point of purchase with a shopper call to action.

Campaign Management

Capture project manage campaigns from brief to evaluation, ensuring everything happens as planned.

How does it work?

Making a campaign happen can be hard work and it means joining the dots across a number of contacts internally, across your agencies and with your retailers. Capture take care of the whole process, whether it’s booking forms, submitting creative or getting out to store to take photographs.

the benefits

a single point of contact;

Working with multiple stakeholders to ensure the campaign is delivered on time and to budget.

campaign photography; 

Getting photos of every campaign touchpoint, providing a posting report that can be used as proof of execution.

compliance management;

Handling compliance challenges, finding resolutions and ensuring the campaign you’ve paid for goes up in store.

centralised invoicing;

A central point of invoicing, minimising the number of PO’s and keeping campaign admin to a minimum.

Shopper media buying

Capture are the only specialist shopper media buying agency in the UK.

How does it work?

The shopper media landscape is complex and in grocery alone there are over 250 media channels to invest in. We have a dedicated media buying team whose role it is to understand and monitor the market daily. Our role is to make your shopper investment work as hard as it can for you.

the benefits

relationship management;

Having a single point of contact who manages negotiations with media owners and retail agencies.

buying with scale;

Benefit from Capture’s buying power, obtained from spending over £1.5m a month on shopper media.

first to market media;

The opportunity to trial new and exclusive shopper media thanks to relationships with media owners.

maximum efficiencies;

Knowledge of what you should be getting for your budget, helping to make the most of your spend.


We evaluate shopper marketing campaigns for brands across all grocery retailers.

How does it work?

Using store-level till data, we are able to measure the performance of shopper media campaigns. By controlling for both promotional activity and secondary space, we can get a clear picture of how the campaign has performed.

the benefits

singular view;

A unified view across all retailers, using the same methodology and providing a standardized output.

independent analysis;

Using a third party for analysis, ensuring the media owners are not marking their own homework.

timely response;

Findings delivered back from 4 weeks post media live date to ensure we learn and optimise, fast.

actionable insight;

Clear comparisons and recommendations made on how to invest future shopper marketing budget.


we plan, buy, manage and measure shopper media campaigns for some of the world’s best brands.