Christmas 2017 Review



Christmas Review 2017

Grocer Performance

It’s a pretty similar story to 2016.

2016 Christmas grocer performance

2016 Christmas grocer performance

Retailers are showing sales growth across the board, but for market share, the picture isn’t so positive for many of the mults. Lidl and Aldi steal the show once again, showing remarkable growth in YoY sales (both up a staggering +16.8), and gains in market share. Iceland’s momentum seems to have slowed against the discounters however, with growth of +2.9 vs last years’ performance of +9.6. Waitrose, who normally benefit from shoppers trading up at Christmas time, actually lost market share this year.

A growing trend in convenience shopping habits weren’t enough to save The Co-op this Christmas, who lose share and experience a flat sales period where other retailers saw at least some increase.

But, how well did the retailers bring their ATL messages in-store?

We can’t give away all that detail just yet, but what we can share is our three top tips that will take you through to Christmas 2018.

  1. Be clear, concise and bold: Christmas is noisy. Use your brand’s assets wisely to make your product easily recognisable in a sea of ads. You don’t have to be Cadbury to make it work: what is your brand known for? Think about how you can bring that in-store.
  2. Work with the retailers: Speak to your buyers well in advance to understand their priorities and strategy for Christmas. Then incorporate this into your campaign planning. This will help you get more away and win support from the retailers.
  3. Are you nostalgic or predictable? Shoppers love classic executions like the Coke truck and Gold Fererro displays. These activations bring feelings of nostalgia and signify Christmas. But brands need to ensure that their displays aren’t getting old. Have you done the same thing years in a row? Think about a variation on a theme to keep shoppers inspired and intrigued by your brand. You’ll stand out all the more!

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