Flipping the lid on one day only events



Flipping the lid on the one day only events


Charlotte Davis / Client Manager

Post the festive season, the calendar is full of one day events that drive significant footfall to retailers. Mother’s Day is the most popular occasion second only to Christmas. This is followed by Easter, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and Pancake Day.

With most shopper spend planned in the week leading up to or on the day itself, grocery is increasingly relevant to one day events. It addresses the “right here right now” mindset of shoppers, with essential items like food and gifting now forming part of weekly shops and top up missions. Since pancake day is approaching we have pulled together top tips on how to maximise brand impact for one day only events.

Leverage the occasion to win new shoppers

One day events are a chance to drive relevance for your brand and bring new shoppers in. Pancake day is the perfect example of this, leading non-bakers to an aisle they don’t typically visit. Brands should leverage the occasion and inspire shoppers to use their products post the event. If they are going to buy eggs any way, why not encourage purchase of a bigger pack size?

Recipe ideas that feature eggs and help to mix up meal times can inspire a new perspective on the product, meaning shoppers are more likely to visit the aisle outside of the occasion. Definitely food for thought!

Plan for longevity

With most spend taking place in the week leading up to the event, be smart with your campaign. Going early will likely do little for your brand when people aren’t actively shopping event items.

Since most in-store channels have a three-week live period, we recommend bookending your media around the event. Doing this ensures you have visibility when it matters while prompting repeat purchase. One thing to keep in mind when taking this approach is how your campaign stays relevant.

We think messaging that doesn’t explicitly mention the event while evoking the occasion is a great way to do this.

Think outside of the box

One day events have an affinity with dining in, especially when they fall midweek like this year’s Valentine’s Day. Own label dine in deals are in huge demand when eating out just isn’t an option.

Branded partnerships are a great way to steal some of this spend from own label, especially If your brand is positioned as premium or indulgent. Partnering with a complimentary product increases your relevance to the event while being a cost-effective way to get cross category exposure.

Let us know if you’d like to hear more on the power of partnerships!

Create stand out in-store

Retailers often take a single-minded approach to one day events, making it hard to get cut through in-store.

If you’re not involved in an events package, its important you invest across the path to purchase to ensure you’re converting the customer. Couple high reach media that puts your product front of mind with fixture presence to signpost your product. To maximise the effect, build in around store communications to reinforce your message and drive footfall to the aisle.  Stacking media and tailoring the message is a great way to create impact and get stand out.

Don’t forget about online

Online has a big role to play in the right here right now mentality. Think about opportunities that put your product front of mind when people are shopping the event. Activity on favorites and relevant search terms are a cost effective way of creating stand out when it matters most.

One Day calendar events are increasingly relevant for grocery. Give us a shout if you would like more information on making the most for your brands  hello@capturemarketing.co.uk