Finding the value in shopper partnerships



Finding the value in shopper partnerships


Leanne Naughton / Senior Client Manager

Brand partnerships within the world of shopper are infamous for being tricky to negotiate and hard to implement.  At Capture, we have worked across multiple successful shopper partnerships and have a firm belief that the perceived pain of activation is worth it in the end. Partnerships work effectively to increase brand presence at the point of purchase without the need for additional spend.  They also cement a brand to a given occasion and drive credibility when the partner brand is well-known and respected in the market.

With these benefits in mind, below are some Capture top tips for brands seeking to land partnership activity in shopper.

DO consider a shared vision and voice

Central to each brand partnership is a key visual which marries the brand identity of each partner. With shopper, the challenge here is huge if we consider the limited interaction shoppers have with media in store.

With an average 8 seconds engagement with POS, participating brands must be aligned from the outset on a single minded message for their partnership campaign.  Within FMCG this is typically a usage occasion or meal solution and as such individual brand messaging regarding USPs are often scaled back. To ensure fairness, participating brands must not dominate creative and should expect to work towards owning an equal share of voice. Bespoke photography and fonts are essential to ensure fairness and brands should be prepared for this.

DO think about promotional overlays

As with all shopper media activity it is best to align partnership media with price promotions.  This can be difficult given the involvement of multiple buyers and with each brand working to their own promotional periods.

When working through a partnership campaign, it is important to engage with relevant trading teams to ensure you have full visibility of upcoming promotions. This will allow for the most efficient media scheduling.  As a build to this, and to ensure true depth and richness to a shopper partnership; seek to lock in a multi-buy promotion with your respective buyers. This pays dividends when it comes to promoting cross-purchase with your partnered brand.

DO consider brand fit

Fundamental to all brand partnerships is the ‘fit’ of the two brands in question.  As we know, shopper partnerships deliver great reach, however finding the right brand to partner with is critical.  Always consider, is this brand aligned with your own? We recommend asking yourself some of the following questions before committing.  Does my potential partner speak to the same shopper base as we do?  Are they of similar quality? Do our brands have a personality match?

DON’T forget about .com

When considering the laydown of your partnership plan don’t forget about .com activation.  In many retailers, bundle deals (online multi-buy promotions) can be secured without having the same promotional mechanic live in store. This is particularly useful when promotional periods for partner brands don’t match up.

DON’T have a partner ‘party’

When it comes to shopper partnerships the simpler the better.  As with any partnership, negotiation and compromise is key.  The more parties involved in these discussions, the more complicated they become. At Capture we would recommend that no more than 3 brands get together within any campaign. This allows for a less complex implementation, not to mention ensuring each brand has sufficient presence within the campaign.

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